Dire Needs - Stephanie Tyler Well 3rd time is the charm for me. I tried to finish it, I really really tried. Stephanie Tyler has been on my auto buy list since I first read her Sydney Croft work in the Acro Series, I liked the Hold Trilogy, and I LOVED Shadow Force.

So when I saw that she will be releasing a new paranormal series, I was all over it. I pre-purchased this book 2 months before it came out...and it took me THIS long to try and get through it. (this review is dated 4.1.14, book was released 3.6.12, so damn, a year! can't say a girl did't give it her all)

At first I couldn't really get into the story. So I put it down thinking I just need to be in the mood for this book.

I picked it up again and managed to get 30% in before I got so irritated with the reference to Rifter's brother wolf I wanted to throw the book across the room.

I gave it one final shot this week. But, I'm sorry, stick a fork in me, I'm.just.done. DNF'd at 50%.

Not only could I not find myself relating to the characters, I could barely get enough in me to just plain old care. The plot was not interesting. I didn't even enjoy the world building. It was just plain meh. The book was just image

I don't think I will be reading the other books in this series.

I love Stephanie Tyler, but I think I will stick to her Romantic Suspense work in the future.