The Prince (The Original Sinners, #3) - Tiffany Reisz For over ten years after he and Søren had parted company, Kingsley had lived the most dangerous life he could. He ran from death the way he’d run that night from Søren— in the hopes he’d get caught and taken. Not until they reunited had Kingsley found a purpose in his life again, a reason to live.
Underneath Søren, Kingsley came more alive than he ever felt on top of any girl. He loved his girls, had loved them all. But this was more than love. He couldn’t think of the word for it— not l’amour, not la passion.... la vie. It was the closest word to what he felt that he could find.
La vie.

Nora was lawless, unmanageable, uncontrollable. You told her one thing, she did everything but that. She laughed when others cried. Danced when others sat. She clawed her way to the top and didn’t even chip a nail on the way up. No one could break her. No one could handle her. No one could shut her up.
"You are blessed indeed to have such a great woman in your life. We are mere princes, you and I. But she is a queen."


The Prince starts off where The Angel left off. Nora has gone to Kentucky to be with Wesley, and Soren and Kingsley are attempting to figure out who had stolen the file from Kingsley's estate and is a potential threat.

Told in three parts, we get a deeper and darker look into the past and present relationship between Soren and Kingsley, as well as the one between Nora and Wes.

imageThe Pastimage

The past takes us back to 30 years ago when Soren and Kinglsey just met. I can't say that learning more about Kingsley endeared him to me any more. Half the time he came off as a surly and spoiled boy, the other half as obsessively in love with Soren.

Soren is still just as terrifying as a boy, as he is in present time. He terrifyes everyone from the students to the staff. Only Kingsley sees something beyond the cold exterior.
“You aren’t afraid of me right now.” A statement, not a question, and yet Kingsley heard the question underneath the words. Why?
“There’s nothing you could do to me now that I wouldn’t want.”
Stearns looked Kingsley up and down, as if he realized an alien lay beneath him instead of a person.
“What are you?” Stearns asked him the same question Kingsley had asked him, but Kingsley had a much simpler answer.
“I’m French.”

The relationship between them is dark, and twisted, and at times reading it almost made me cringe. Though I have to admit, I couldn't picture it any other way.

imageThe Presentimage

Taking place in present time, takes Soren and Kingsley to investigate the person that is threatening them. After receiving a picture of the two of them as boys in school, they realize that the threat is much closer to them than either of them thought. They travel back to the school where everything first started. Kingsley is still trying to get over his unrequitted love for Soren, and jealous resentment of Nora.
Søren told her everything and gave her everything. And then she’d had the audacity to walk away from it all. Søren laid out feasts for her that she merely picked at, while Kingsley lapped up the crumbs that fell to the floor.

Soren is still the stuff of sadistic legends in the underground.
After finishing this book, I can say I am completely and 100% team Soren. I cannot picture Nora with anyone else. Though he still terrifies the living crap out of me, I have to say that getting a deeper look inside the man that he is helped me understand him a lot more.

There is also the mystery of the threat that has come up with the theft of Nora's file. More and more threats keep popping up, that reveal that whoever this threat is knows a lot about everything that has to do with Soren.

imageThe Southimage

The South brings us the relationship of Nora and Wesley. This was my favorite part of the book. Nora was still same old Nora, but Wesley does seem to bring around a different side to her.
"I know how to tie knots that sailors who’ve spent half their lives at sea have never even heard of. I can pick locks that would stump half the cat burglars in New York. I can slice a Post-It note in half with the tip of a bullwhip. I can get any kinky man in the world to drop to his knees, kiss my feet and confess his darkest sins to me just for the pleasure of having me punish him for them. But, Wesley… I do not know who to be with somebody like you. A sweet, kind, vanilla virgin has me stumped. It’s been fifteen months since the last time we tried, and I still haven’t figured it out."

The relationship between them was incredibly sweet, and was the perfect light from the darkness that was Soren and Kingsley. The love scenes between them were equal parts sweet
and it seems like young Wesley finally did allow his sexy side to come a little too

I loved the way he rubbed off on Nora without really changing who she is.
"Nora, have you never cuddled before?"

"Not like this. Here. You lay on your back. I’ll lay on you."
"Fine. Fine…" Wesley rolled onto his back and Nora collapsed onto his chest. He let out a puff of air as she scrambled into position.
"Are you made of lead?"
"I’m solid muscle and evil. Stop bitching and cuddle me."

Now as for the ending....AHHHHHHH!!!!! That fucking cliffhanger! Holy.Effin.SHIT!

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