Flirting with Disaster (Camelot, #3) - Ruthie Knox Sean was supposed to be good at solving probles, but he did't have the first fucking clue what to do about Katie.
He was so different from what she'd thought a week ago, and a hundred times more dangerous. Because she could fall for him. If she wasn't careful, she would fall for him.

How, how on earth have I not found this author before?! If you have yet to read a book that is written by the pure awesome that is Ruthie Knox, you are seriously missing out. Now I know, I know, right now you're probably thinking...
It can't be THAT good. But it is, it honestly is.
This was the first book I've read in this series, and I cannot wait to read the rest of the series now. It is easily read as a standalone, though.

It was a fantastic combination of story telling, fantastic characterization, steam, humor, and incredible characters.

Katie is recently divorced, after her highschool sweetheart left her high and dry. Reeling from the fiasco that was her marriage, Katie comes back from Alaska to her hometown of Camelot to start over.
She is now an all new Katie. She's a risk-taking Katie, a sophisticated "Parisian Katie", and she wants to be an Agent Katie at her brother's security firm. She sees her chance when famous and sexy singer, Judah wants her. Though secretive as to why he wants to hire her, the stalker that is threatening Judah is very much evident.

Her brother allows her to be part of the team, but with a slight caveat; he wants Sean to be her partner.

Now Sean...
Oops...sorry, that just seems to be a reflex for when I read his name...moving along...

So as I was saying, Sean...
GAH! Concentrate...have to concentrate!

Sean was so different from so many of the domineering, possessive alpha males that I have read about lately. Though Katie does nickname him "Granite Man".

Katie thinks that Sean absolutely hates her, I mean the man refuses to utter a word to her. What else can that mean, right? Little does Katie know that Sean has had a crush on her since he was a geeky and quiet little high school kid.
He could hardly tell her he'd memorized her in high school. That he'd known all the colors of her nail polish, her favorite clothes, and the names of her friends.
He could hardly tell her she'd worn the sweater she had on today to the office two weeks ago, and her silver necklace had shown up in September and quickly become a favorite. He couldn't help it. He noticed things. He noticed her.

And even though he is now successful and grown, he finds that Katie still leaves him at a loss for words (though there is another reason for it, that I won't mention since I don't want to spoil anything.

When they are stuck alone together working on an investigation, they have no choice but to start talking to one another. Soon Katie begins to see that Sean is not quite the man she thought he was. He is so much more. One night while they are snowed in their car, the passion between them finally comes to the surface.

Sean was such an endearing hero. He wan't perfect, and you couldn't help but just completely fall for him.

Katie was such a fantastic heroine as well. I love her quirkiness and humor. Her internal monologue had me giggling all through the book.
Did it make her a complete pervert, that hearing Sean geek out about computer stuff was turning her on?
Did she officially have a candy-apple-red girl crush on her partner?
Yes. Yes, she did.
Way to go, Smarticus. VeryLa Femme Nikita of you.

The interaction between her and Sean never failed to leave a smile on my face.
"You were the kind of girl who punched the boys you really liked, weren't you?"
"I kicked Jeff Myers in the shins all the time during recess. He never understood."
"That explains why my scalp hurts."
"Your scalp?"
"You pulled my hair. Bit me, too. I think you might love me."
"Did I? I'm sorry. I didn't even realize. I was too busy getting screwed so hard, I lost all sense of reality."

And the steam factor in this book? SCORCHING, set your panties on fire HOT!
"Don't make me come again," she said. "I want you with me."
"Next time. This time, I get to watch." His voice in her ear was so low and growly, his hands between her legs so masterful, she gave in and let the orgasm rip through her, one tight, titanic wave that left her trembling when it receded.
As promised, he watched her, his deep blue irises glittering with possessive satisfaction.
"Holy shit," she said.
"Mmm," he replied.
Then he started all over again.

The relationship between them developed with each steamy encounter.

We also get the POV of Judah, though it was minor, and never took away from the story, only added to it. The suspense part was entertaining till the very end. I think I truly loved everything about this book. I could not recommend it enough.

**ARC provided by publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review**

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