Axel (Corps Security, #1) - Harper Sloan “Missed you… so fucking much, Princess.”

Sometimes, dreams don’t let you down because that is the only thing I have been waiting to hear since the day he left me forever.   In my dreams, all my problems melt away, because I am safe. Safe and back in Axel’s arms.

Ok...I just want to get one damn thing straight here. This was a debut novel? Seriously? SERIOUSLY?!!!

Harper Sloan, woman, you rock! Keep on doin' what you're doin', because fuckin' A, but you do it so well!

But as is my usual, I digress...

Isabelle learned a long time ago that fate is not on her side. Once she knew true happiness in the arms of the only man that she has ever loved, her high school sweetheart. Unfortunately things didn't work out the way that she dreamed, and one fateful night everything changed and she lost everything.

For the last two years, she has been trying to come out of the haze that has been her life for the past 10 years. Coming out of an abusive relationship, she is trying to find the woman that she once was, as opposed to the shell of one she became during her marriage. Unfortunately, even though she left her husband, he is not so willing to let go of what he considers to be his.

Isabelle does have many great things in her life now. She has two amazing friends, a great business, and is slowly getting her life back. I loved her best friend, Dee. She was so quirky, and loyal. I cannot wait for her book. Greg was a fantastic character as well. The relationship between the 3 of them was touching at times, hilarious at others.

When her birthday comes around, she is determined to leave behind the painful memories it brings with it in a haze of alcohol. But fate won't let her go so easy, and she comes face to face with her past, Axel.

Isabelle is a very broken character. When you take into consideration her past, her actions and thoughts make a lot of sense. I wouldn't expect for a woman that has been through what she has been through, to be anything other than what she was; emotional, evasive of certain confrontations, down on herself, and pessimistic most times.

Axel has his own idea of what he thinks happened all those years ago, and to say that he is less than thrilled to see the only woman that he has ever loved, would be an understatement.

It becomes evident that there are too many things that are left unsaid between Isabelle and Axel. Both have their own misconception of what happened. But while Axel is ready to face it head one, Isabelle is not as ready and willing to do that. It did get frustrating to read at times. I mean c'mon

It took a while for Axel and Isabelle to come to a place of understanding. One thing was for sure, however, the chemistry between them never died.

Now Axel,

GAWD, even his name makes me hot. Axel was a delicious combination of sweet, possessive, dirty talking sexiness. When it came to the steam factor, well let's just say he delivers

But he also had an incredibly sweet side
"You might not have been by my side physically but I couldn’t deny you were there mentally. Every day I was gone, it was the memory of you that pushed me and even when I thought I had lost you for good and through that anger…”
He trails off and I look up into his eyes.
“Even through the anger of losing you— I still knew you were my angel. My light.”

Did I already mention the steam?
“Can’t wait baby, I’m going to rip those tight ass pants from your body and bury my face between your creamy thighs.   I want to feel that sweet cunt around my tongue.   Going to make you scream Princess, and then when you can’t take it anymore,” he pushes his denim covered hips hard into mine, his thick erection rubbing my clit in the most delicious way, “then I’m going to lick my way up this sweet fucking body and finally I’m going make you mine.”
He rolls his hips and I gasp, so close.
“Oh God”

The book put me on an emotional roller coaster. I spent parts of it going

and parts going

But I mean, really now, the steam factor of this book...let's be honest here

Wel..if I had a cock, I'd definitely have one. So let's go with major lady boner here :)

I loved the story of Axel and Izzy. It was heartbreaking, emotional, steamy, beautiful and heart-wrenching.
I just want to be yours.   That’s all I’ve ever wanted.” I answer, reaching over and linking our hands. “Princess you have always been mine. Always.

“Not one day went by Izzy that my heart didn’t belong to you.   To this day there has only been one woman that has and will ever hold it.   Fuck, baby but the love I have for you is so fucking strong sometimes, I wonder if it will crush me.”

It was a perfect combination of erotic and a great plot. The steamy scenes certainly added to the appeal. But what kept me turning the pages and glued to my kindle, was the story.

4.5 incredibly emotional and erotic stars

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