All the Way - Jennifer Probst "Because I knew it wasn’t over the moment you looked into my eyes.
"Who knows where the road will lead us, but if you let me love you, I’ll love you all the way.’"

So I have a weakness...I know, I know, you're probably shocked and appalled right now! I mean ME, having a weakness...crazy!
But I digress...

I have a weakness for 'the boy and girl meet and have an affair, girl falls in love, boy leaves and breaks her heart, but now he realizes he wants her back' story line. It doesn't matter how many times I read it. Any time I'll see that description in the book blurb, all I think is
But I digress yet again.

Three years ago Miranda and Gavin had a hot affair. She had dreams to be a chef, and he had dreams to see the world and be a successful and rich business man. Miranda falls head over heals for Gavin. But when she tells him his feelings, he bolts

Now Miranda is a successful food critic, and Gavin is back in town, on leave from his job, in order to help his parents with their failing family restaurant.

So when Miranda and her friend decide to go eat at a good Italian place, it just so happens to be Gavin's family restaurant

Shocking, I know!

When Gavin sees Miranda, he just knows he has to get her back. Unfortunately Miranda never forgave him for walking out on her and breaking her heart. When Gavin sees that the passion between them is still there, he knows that the only way to prove his sincerity to her is through romance.

Miranda doesn't believe that Gavin is serious this time around. After all, he's left her before. She doesn't want to give him her heart only to have him break it all over again when he leaves. I have to say that given the things that Miranda is hiding from her past, her hesitation toward Gavin was understandable.

Gavin was absolutely swoon-worthy. I loved how he pursued Miranda. The romance was very cute, and not in a cheesy way. Miranda is only able to resist his charming ways for so long. Gavin is possessive and dominant, and no man has been able to compare to him since. She has only been with "tame" men since him...

This was a cute, sexy, and quick little read. Not my favorite by the author or something I'd choose to re-read, but highly enjoyable nonetheless.

3.5 stars

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