Their Virgin Hostage (Masters of Ménage, #5) - Shayla Black,  Lexi Blake 3.5 sexy, though slightly clichéd and unoriginal stars

This series has been a guilty pleasure of mine for whenever I need a go-to smutty and sexy little read. Unfortunately, it seems that they have gotten just too predictable lately. Ever since book 3, it seems that they are all written on the same formula:

Take a 20-something virgin that is also extremely shy, with self-image issues, and a somewhat broken past.

Add three Doms, with issues of their own. But for variety's sake make one of them be already pretty much in love with the heroine, the second one surly and lusting after the heroine but unsure about the relationship, and third one be a plain asshole with relationship issues who is questioning pretty much everything.

Add in a few spankings, some bondage, shake, and you got yourself a menage COCKtail.

Entertaining? Somewhat
Smutty? Well, duh!
Not so much

Will I read the next book, if there will be one? Probably. But I certainly won't be rushing to Amazon to purchase it.

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