Be My Baby Lite (Baby Series Lite, #3) - Andrea  Smith
"You know me, Trey. You know me in some ways better than I know myself. You forced me to deal with my fears and my nightmares. You forced me to face the truth about my past and deal with my demons. I did it Trey; I did it because of you."

Let me sum this entire book up for you in one gif:

It put me through the wringer with my emotions; I cried, I laughed, I felt like my ovaries would catch on fire, I cried some more. And I loved every single second of it.

I read it in one sitting. I couldn't put it down. Andrea definitely saved the best for last with this book, in my personal opinion.

Be My Baby picks up right where that cliffhanger in Baby Love left us. And let me give you a fair warning here but the first 30% of this book...HOLY.CRAP! I did NOT see that coming. I had to go back and re-read just to make sure I wasn't seeing this. Andrea Smith is the queen of plot twists, and this book had them in spades. WOW!

We see Taylor going through something that is so devastating, it changes her relationship with Trey in a way that neither one of them know how to get back from. The subject matter itself is a very delicate one, and I thought that the author did such an incredible job dealing with it.

Trey and Tylar go through many trials and tribulations throughout their relationship, but in Be My Baby, they face the ultimate one.

Tylar finds herself dealing with something that has left her devastated. While she knows there's something wrong with her, she just doesn't know how to deal with it. She says she's fine, but inside she's breaking.

There were moments I wanted to cry along with her, moments I wanted to hug her, and moments I wanted to shake her and slap some sense into her. Then there were the times where I wanted to choke the hell out of Trey for the choices and decision he made.

We see Tylar dealing with many things; her relationship with Trey, loss, her mother's death, and so much more. Her relationship with Trey is not perfect, but their love for one another shined through the pages.

While both of them are to blame for the situation that they find themselves in, and both of them are far from perfect with the choices they make and things that they do, I think that's what I enjoyed most about them. They were just so imperfectly perfect. You can't help but feel all these things right along with them, and be sucked into their world.

I liked book 1 though I struggled with some things in it, book 2 was good, but this book?

This was by far my absolute favorite in the series. The bonus epilogue was the perfect ending to a fantastic series. It was like the cherry on top of an already great cake.

Now I'm off to go and deal with my Trey withdrawal. Good thing I still have Tristan to read :)
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