Review: Kept by Him by Red Garnier

Kept by Him - Red Garnier

He thought he could control his hunger. He'd been controlling it for years. But like some underfed, abused beast, it was out of its cage, and Daniel feared no amount of willpower would hold it back now. Only Monica...

Daniel Lexington is sexy as sin, rich, and completely irresistible; the Prince of The Windy City. He can have any woman he wants. But there's only one woman that he hungers for, but she remains forever out of reach and hands off. Monica is known as the Ice Princess. She may be successful and rich in her own right, but her issues with letting men in has earned her a reputation. Her parent's turbulent marriage and it's violent end has made her swear off the type of passion. She only dates "safe" men, and is not interested in getting her heart involved. Unfortunately her choice in men has not left her to experience the all consuming passion that she longs for in bed, and there's only one man that she knows can give it to her. So when Monica propositions Daniel to show her what passion can be, no strings attached, he can't help but agree. After all, he's wanted Monica for so long. But will Daniel be satisfied with just Monica's body when he wants to possess her everything?



This was probably my least favorite in the series. It was super steamy and sexy and I absolutely LOVED Daniel, but I had a slight disconnect with Monica. She grated on me for most of the book. I understand her hesitancy to get involved emotionally given what she saw her parents go through, but at the same time she irritated me with her issues.


Daniel wanted her, and he was very clear about it. Monica took the entire book to finally get her shit together. I can't say that she was THAT bad, but enough for me to get irritated with her at times. It was a quick read, but I did find myself getting bored with it. It also might have been a case of been there and read that as well. It was a sexy, though unoriginal plot. It was OK. A quick and steamy read, but nothing I will be going back to.